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"Torso" by Guido Oakley

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Guido Oakley is a modern imaginative artist that directs design concepts, computerised innovation and uses exotic materials such as precious metals, gemstones and crystal clear resin to create timeless works of art and radical creations in sculpture.

Guido has an intriguing ability to mesmerise you with his creative genius immersing you in a somewhat Etheral world of beauty and majestic glamour.

Guido Oakley is a modern imaginative artist. In his work Guido uses exotic materials such as gemstones and crystal clear resin.
Creating a “Whole” new experience for the body and mind, bringing together the fusion of exquisite sculpture and the undeniably beauty and transforming abilities of crystals and precious stones thus  giving birth to the very first of its kind “Healing Art”. Guido works with a Great Mix of Energies combining forms of self, and covering both the poles and the middle of the chakra channel.