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"Divine Dance of Nseldrm" by Guido Oakley

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Desert Rose, Herkimer Diamond, Clear Water Casting Resin, 24 Carat Gold, 2014
Size US: 32 x 17 x 7 1/10 in
Size Europe: 81cm x 43cm x 20cm

Guido Oakley is a modern imaginative artist that directs design concepts, computerised innovation and uses exotic materials such as precious metals, gemstones and crystal clear resin to create timeless works of art and radical creations in sculpture.

About the "Divine Dance of Nseldrm":

Expressing the divine dance of joy we feel when connecting to that which makes our hearts sing and allowing the innate crystalline beauty of our inner being to radiate and shine throughout our physical form.

Casting off and releasing us from the moulded confines of the way we have been conditioned into being, in an eternal dance with source finally set free, our authentic selves can be.

Desert Rose with the energetic combination of Father Sky and Mother Earth brings divine light into everything it touches removing blockages and negativity. 

Manifesting the clearest state of mind attainable, where all thoughts entering the consciousness come from the source and are direct reflections of pure spirit.

With her feminine rosettes of Selenite she enhances the energy flow of forgiveness and acceptance primarily within the family and on a higher level, humanity.

Strengthening perseverance, dedication and the confidence to succeed.