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"The Third Script 40" by Yari Ostovany

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Oil on canvas , 2018
Size US: 40,5 × 33 × 1 in
Size Europe: 101 × 83 × 3 cm

Yari Ostovany (1962) is an American abstract artist of Iranian origins, who lived in Teheran, Cologne, Los Angeles, New York, and Reno. He currently lives and works in San Francisco, California.

This new series named after a residency castle at Chateau d’Orquevaux, France captures the mystical aggregate of Western and Eastern art, tradition and spirituality. Orquevaux 11 embeds an alchemical transformation of formal elements like light, color, texture, and space into complex compositions whose wholeness transcends its parts. The layers of pigments washed out and covered over, scrapped away and dissolved add to the depth and luminousness of the composition.

Ostovany’s culturally diverse background impacts his artistic adherence to Abstract Expressionism and Color Field painting producing divergent, but profoundly complementary artwork. Ostovany creates richly textured, layered color field paintings that reflect his exploration of metamorphosis and transubstantiation.