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Sculpture made from coins by Kim Seungwoo for BOCCARA ART

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Made from coins, Unique Piece, 2021

Size Europe: 36 x 36 x 36 cm 

Size US:  14 x 14 x 14 in 


Kim Seungwoo is a contemporary Korean sculptor, lives in Seoul, South Korea.

Seungwoo is famous for his sculptures made from coins and buttons. He creates hyper-realistic, life-size sculptures of human figures and spinning objects.

The Artist uses coins to build complex, surprisingly detailed, three-dimensional sculptures. Each sculpture consists of as few as hundreds of thousands of coins, up into the thousands. Assembled in flowing, swirling patterns, the coins make up Kim's sculptured human forms almost seem to be alive and create fascinating effects.

Money have an unexplainable ability to attract and hypnotize the viewer, and Kim Seungwoo's spinning sculptures magnify the beauty of shining and sparkling coins.

Just like a wizard, Kim Seungwoo creates the sculptures that enchant the viewer. His work examines our relationship with money, while also taking advantage of the physical beauty of the coins.

Art is Money, or Money is Art? — questions Kim Seungwoo.