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"Nuvola Rossa" by Michelangelo Bastiani

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Video hologram. Led Screen, glass, steel, glass jar

Size US: 15 x 11 4/5 x 12 1/10 in

Size Europe: 32 x 42 x 38cm


Michelangelo Bastiani was born in Bibbiena (AR) in 1979. He has the diploma at the Art Institute of Florence. Michelangelo used to live in the United States, first in California, then in New York, and today he works and lives in Tuscany. In his career he can be proud of numerous shows both in Italy and abroad. He has a permanent installation in the centre of Capri.

Today Michelangelo is represented by BOCCARA ART Galleries.

The works by Bastiani are mostly video installations and holograms, centred on the theme of water. Since the beginning of his career, water was the core of the investigation of the artist, who was willing to represent an art that always changes, that it is never the same, some features that the element intrinsically carries with itself. Because of its dynamic nature, water has always been difficult to represent, but the strategy to solve this problem is through technology, that makes possible to have a tangible interaction. This also directly faces the viewer: a waterfall will never have a constant flow, but it will change according to the people passing in front of it, who become effectively a part of the kinetic process of the work. Natural is compared to artificial; the strength of the elements finds its representation in an antithetic marriage, of imprisonment of nature caused by man, but also of an exaltation and necessity to each other.