Liubov Belousova | CEO & Founder of the BOCCARA ART Galleries

The Russian-French art dealer Liubov Belousova, CEO and Founder of BOCCARA ART Galleries, was born in Moscow on May 14th, 1983 and moved to France in the early 2000s. She made her first art connections as a middle-school student at the age of 18, when she created the first online art gallery in Russia in 2001.


Liubov Belousova CEO and Founder of the BOCCARA ART Galleries


In 2004 she married a french art dealer and launched her first BOCCARA ART Modern & Compemporary Gallery in 2007. Today BOCCARA ART Galleries is a network of five galleries, four in the United States: Miami, Palm Beach, New York, Los Angeles and one in Moscow, Russia. The web of galleries represents artists from all over the world. Most of them have Asian roots, such as the Chinese contemporary artist Fu Wenjun and Yu LanYing.

Among others, BOCCARA ART Galleries have been representing the following living Korean artists: Hyun Ae Kang, Kim Seungwoo, Kim Jeong Yeon, Krista Kim, Cha Yun Sook & Hayeon, and the British artist Benjamin Shine.


BOCCARA ART Miami Gallery


In addition to the extensive and varied curated programme of exhibitions held within our galleries and exhibition spaces, BOCCARA ART Galleries is experienced with participation in over 12 major international Art Fairs each year, including Art Miami, Asia Week New York, Art New York, Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary, Art Palm Beach, Art Boca Raton, LA Art Show, SOFA Chicago, ZonaMaco Mexico City, ESTRE Arte Uruguay, PArC Peru Art Contemporaneo, KIAF Seoul, Fine Art Asia Hong Kong, Art Shanghai and more.


BOCCARA ART by Liubov Belousova at the Art Miami Show 2021