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"Forget Colorful Fishes" by Luis Alexis De Armas

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Oil and acrylic on canvas, 2019

Size US: 40 x 30 in

Size Europe: 102 x 76 cm


Luis Alexis De Armas (1964) is a Cuban Miami-based surrealist artist who has a collection that has been inspired on personal experiences and interactions. As it has been noticed, some objects of his work originate from his childhood which makes his projects authentic. His artwork reflects his joy of being alive and through colors he expresses the right to dream.

Since childhood, De Armas, has wanted to study at San Alejandro’s Art School in Cuba, but personal circumstances kept him from meeting his artistic desires. As of age of 10 he has participated in the Enrique Jose Varona Children's Library of painting contests while incorporating crayons and water-based colors to his artwork. With his abstract imagination, he was awarded third place in Enrique Jose Varona's contest.

In 1987 He discovered “Taller Experimental de la Grafica", at the Old Havana Cathedral square and immediately identified with printmaking, In which he started visiting the art shop of Old Havana Cathedral.

In 1997 he migrated to the United States and developed himself as an artist. Luis had numerous exhibitions, mostly in Miami, where he lives.

Since 2021 Luis is represented by BOCCARA ART Galleries.